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Beaky Things

Foraging Capsule


An intermediate Foraging Device, the foraging capsule is a favorite of highly active parrots, especially Amazons, Cockatoos, and Macaws, and other smart parrots, such as African Greys. 

This toy is Spring Loaded and has easy fill access at top of the tower. Your bird is then required to learn how to pull the leather strips to release the food from the top compartment and then they need to learn how to manoeuvre the treats/toy and tilt the toy upwards to enable to treats to drop out of the holes.

The bottom holes in the toy are slender, so apart from slender beaked birds who will be able to put their beak inside, other birds will need to learn to tilt the toy enough to drop the treats out of the holes or put their tongue inside to grab the treat. 

The treats you provide for birds with big beaks will need to be small enough that they easily come out of the holes, such as seeds, small pellets, nut pieces etc. 

Constructed from Polycarbonate Plastic and Stainless Steel.

Total Length of toy including chain, link and leather strips is 50cm.

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