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Merry Go Round

Beaky Things

Merry Go Round


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Feathered Friends bird toys are crafted to provide maximum fun and entertainment for your feathered friend, whilst ensuring they are as safe as possible.

The Merry Go Round is a wonderful enrichment device which provides various perching points on a centre pole that fixes to the roof bars of your cage. Able to spin around the perching points become a fun little Merry Go Round!

Constructed from safe pine dowel and coloured wood beads, you'll find one which has a hole drilled and pre-filled with safe chewing fibres, this can be refilled with rolled up paper or used to hang other enrichment items. 

Add to the fun of this swing by hiding little treats inside the wicker balls or coconut shred!

The Merry Go Round is perfect for the small birds such a Quakers, Cockatiels, Conures, Budgies and the like.

See the Merry Go Round in action by clicking here!

Measures 20cm from top point to base, each perching branch of the merry Go Round is 13cm long with an overall toy width of 30cm

* please note that dowel is not recommended as a sole perching source as it is too small uniform for foot health. Various other perching options must be made available to your bird. Beaky Things stocks a variety of wonderful perching items including bolt on natural branch perches and swings which make perfect compliments to the Merry Go Round. 

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