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About Us


In 2014 I adopted Amari, an Alexandrine who had been abandoned by her owner due to behavioural issues. Knowing what Alexandrines are like in regards to bonding with their owners and needing constant stimulation, rather than have her live at the clinic, I bought her home until I found her a new home. Of course she quickly became a foster fail.

During that first year with her, I spent many hours working on converting a scared and anxious parrot into a parrot who could be handled and was well behaved. During this time I attempted to source safe and stimulating toys which would keep her busy. I found this to be a significant issue as the amount on the market was severely limited. So, I looked further afield, and started to buy her toys from overseas where there is a better supply of high quality, safe  toys. This got me thinking, if I am having issues sourcing quality toys in Australia, so are all the other parrot owners. So I sourced a supplier and began selling products to other bird owners. After a few months, I named the business Bobo's Pet Emporium after my second adopted bird who I acquired from another dire situation in August 2015. Fast forward to 2017 and after a successful launch of Beaky Box, a fun carry box of birdie toys available as a subscription, I re-named the business Beaky Things. 

Now I stock high quality, hard to come by products with a focus on parrot enrichment. I pride myself on ensuring the safety of everything I stock and have a strong focus on encouraging natural foraging behaviours for birds and an active happy lifestyle for all other pets. I am always expanding, so if you see something you might like me to keep in stock, please do let me know. 

I encourage you to follow me on Facebook and love seeing pictures of your pets, so post as much as you like on it!

Click here to see my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bobos-Pet-Emporium-1601071876832775/