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About Beaky Things

As a veterinary nurse I have a strong passion for the health and mental wellness of our pets. With almost 20yrs I've been in the veterinary industry, I have adopted all my pets from dire situations and worked to ensure they live a long and happy life, regardless of their illnesses or disabilities. 
During my career and as a fellow parrot owner, I've found the availability of high-quality products for pets is limited in Australia. With an oversupply of cheap toys, I was seeing lots of injuries and illnesses caused by unsuspecting pet owners buying them for their pets. From string toys causing gastric blockages in birds and dogs to toxic paint being ingested, I have seen it all.
In my efforts to supply my own parrots with a variety of toys, I started searching for reliable suppliers of safe toys and realised we need these products to be easier to source for everyone, not just those of us willing to buy from overseas. 
In addition to ensuring product safety, I enjoy locally made, earth friendly and unusual products that cannot be found everywhere. I'm sure I am not alone, so Beaky Things was born, now we can all find safe, awesome pet products here in Australia. 
To make accessible to pet owners products which are safe for pets whilst ensuring support to local small business, fair trade and the environment. 
Mission Statement
To provide high quality products and reliable service
Core Values
1. Pet safety
2. Pet enrichment
3. Support of local and small business
4. Support to fair trade organisations
5. Environmental Sustainability