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Pet Safety

Your pets' safety is my priority. I go to great lengths to locate the safest items available. Ultimately, pet safety is something that must be made a priority by us all. 

Whilst I work hard to ensure that every item I stock is free of toxic substances and is as safe as possible, once the item leaves me, it is up to you guys to keep an eye on your birds. 

Birds are amazing creatures, they are very tactile, able to differentiate between food and not food and are highly coordinated creatures. Please choose carefully, ensuring you are buying the right toy for your feathered friend. For example, caution must be taken when choosing for extremely destructive birds or the younger ones. You must also take into consideration the species of bird you have when choosing.

If at any time you are not sure if an item is suitable for your bird, please ask. I am very happy to help guide you. Any toy that is damaged significantly during play, should be removed and replaced.