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Amari's Chunky Chomper

Beaky Things

Amari's Chunky Chomper


The big chunky groov-e blocks threaded onto stainless steel wire, hung with a stainless steel quick link, is an incredibly durable and entertaining toy for big birds and enthusiastic chewers. Here's a breakdown of its features:

  1. Solid Construction: The toy is described as solid, indicating its robustness and suitability for birds that love to chew. The use of big chunky groov-e blocks ensures that the toy can withstand even the most vigorous chewing.

  2. Variety in Design: The inclusion of hand-colored and plain blocks adds visual interest to the toy, making it more appealing to birds. The combination of colors and textures can engage their senses and encourage exploration.

  3. Safe Materials: Stainless steel wire and quick links ensure that the toy is safe and durable, minimizing the risk of breakage or injury during play.

  4. Tested for Durability: The fact that the toy was tested on Alexandrine parrots, known for their strong chewing behavior, speaks volumes about its durability and suitability for large, powerful beaks.

  5. Generous Size: With dimensions of 24 cm long x 20 cm wide (at the widest point) and large wood blocks measuring approximately 7 cm square x 2 cm thick, this toy provides ample chewing surface and variety for birds to enjoy.

Overall, this toy is an excellent choice for owners of big birds and enthusiastic chewers. Its solid construction, variety in design, and safe materials make it a reliable option for providing entertainment and enrichment to feathered friends.

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