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Beaky Things

Australian Teak Tree Seed Pod


The Australian Teak seed pod (AKA Flindersia Australis), is a fantastic bird toy component for the aggressive chewers. Here's why:

  1. Extreme Hardness and Suitability for Aggressive Chewers: Describing it as extraordinarily hard suggests that it can withstand the strong beaks of aggressive chewers. This durability ensures that the seed pod will last longer, providing extended entertainment for large, strong beaked birds such as macaws & cockatoos.

  2. Versatility in Use: The seed pods can be drilled into and threaded onto safe hanging material or placed into foraging trays or baffle cages, offering various ways to incorporate them into birds' environments. This versatility allows you to customise your birds' play experiences and enrichment activities.

  3. Natural Appeal: Being a natural product, the Australian Teak seed pods likely appeal to birds' instinctual behaviours, such as foraging and chewing. This can provide mental stimulation and promote overall well-being.

Overall, the Australian Teak seed pod is an excellent choice for bird owners seeking durable and natural toy components for their feathered friends, especially those with aggressive chewing tendencies. Its versatility and toughness make it a valuable addition to birds' enrichment and playtime activities.

Please note this product is subject to seasonal availability and is collected from the tree source and processed on site by Beaky Things, removing gross contamination and spraying with avian safe disinfectant ready for use. Size and shapes will vary. 

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