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Bamboo Mini Cups 5 pack

Beaky Things

Bamboo Mini Cups 5 pack


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These eco-friendly and biodegradable mini cups made from bamboo pulp are a fantastic item to enrich the lives of birds and pocket pets. With a wide range of uses you can use them for:

  1. Foraging: These mini cups can be packed inside baffle cages or placed into foraging trays and boxes, encouraging natural foraging behaviours in birds and pocket pets. They can hide treats or toys inside the cups, stimulating mental activity and providing entertainment.

  2. Food Bowls: The mini cups can also serve as convenient and disposable food bowls. Once used, they can be safely disposed of in compost since they are biodegradable. This feature not only makes cleanup easy but also promotes sustainability.

  3. Toy Components: The cups are versatile and can be used as components in foot or hanging toys for birds and pocket pets. They add texture and interest to toy designs and provide additional chewing opportunities, promoting dental health and alleviating boredom.

  4. Safe to Chew: Being completely safe to chew, these mini cups are suitable for pets of all sizes, species, and age groups. This ensures that they can be enjoyed by a wide range of animals without posing any health risks.

With each cup measuring approximately 7x3cm and sold in a pack of five, you'll have plenty of options for incorporating these cups into your pets' environments.

Overall, bamboo pulp mini cups offer a combination of environmental friendliness, versatility, and safety, making them excellent choices for enhancing the lives of birds and pocket pets through play, foraging, and feeding activities.


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