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Beaky Things

Foraging Substrate 800grams


Foraging is not only fun, but a great way to replicate natural bird behaviours to encourage a mental wellbeing for our birds. A happy bird is less likely to display undesirable behaviours such as feather picking and screaming. 

Add this substrate a bowl of pellets and watch as your bird digs and hunts for their food pieces. You can also add this to foraging trays or foraging toys to make the challenge a bit greater for your feathered friends!

Beaky Things foraging substrate is made from paper pellets, so absolutely no risk of any dangerous contaminants and completely safe to chew. Packed in a convenient cardboard box to contain the paper when stored. Used paper pellets can simply be spread through your garden and will break down quickly to avoid landfill. 

Each box is 800g of shredded paper and measures 16cm x 14cm x 11cm

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