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Natural Bird Perch

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Natural Bird Perch


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Natural branches make the best perches, there no denying this is the ideal surface for foot health. Not only do natural branch perches serve as a way to ensure foot health but they make excellent chewing toys too! 

My perches are hand made on the Sunshine Coast using stainless steel fittings. These branches are cut by hand from my family’s property & are pesticide free.

You should choose the size perch appropriate to your bird size and cage size. Perches are available in 6 different sizes;

  • Small short: 2.5cm or less in diameter & 10-20cm long
  • Small long: 2.5cm or less in diameter & 20-30cm long
  • Medium short: 2.5-3.75cm in diameter & 10-20cm long
  • Medium long: 2.5-3.75cm in diameter & 20-30cm long
  • Large short: 3.75-5cm in diameter & 10-20cm long
  • Large long: 3.65-5cm in diameter & 20-30cm long
  • Extra Large short: 5-7.5cm in diameter & 10-20cm long
  • Extra Large long: 5-7.5cm in diameter & 20-30cm long

All perches are fitted with stainless steel fittings and bolt on to the cage using 2 x 30mm stainless steel washers and a wing nut.

Please choose your perch diameter based on your birds foot size. Ideally birds should have a variety of perch diameters. The foot should never reach more than 2/3 the way around the perch at minimum. 

Due to the natural variation in branches, exact diameter and length will vary. Some will have thick bark, others thin. It is all down to luck as to which you get.

Please note: I have rinsed all perches with a veterinary disinfectant prior to dispatch & are safe from anything dangerous for your bird. This is to remove any contamination from wild birds only & is not designed to kill any mosses that may be present on some branches. Anything growing on an Australian native tree is safe. Please note that branches are not uniform in shape or length, they will sometimes have marks on them & may have defects caused by insects found in the Australian bush. Your bird may be lucky enough to find a live insect to eat! These are not harmful & evidence to the health of the tree used to harvest branches from. You may elect to clean the branches further if you wish, however these are safe to use as they are. 

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